Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wishing the NHS Happy 63rd Birthday

As the National Health Service turned 63 today, the Northern TUC and Northern Public Services Alliance were out in force to celebrate one of the most envied healthcare systems in the world - providing free healthcare for all at the point of need. I was in Morpeth speaking to people and asking them to sign the birthday card.

Clare Williams, Chair of the Northern PSA and Unison Regional Convenor said: 'It is important to celebrate the creation of the NHS, and to highlight the threat it faces due to the Government's plans for public services. The Government promised no more top down reorganisations of the NHS, but what we are seeing is the biggest reorganisation since its creation. The health budget is not protected and we are having to find £20 billion in efficiency savings, which will inevitably impact on the delivery of healthcare. We have already seen health jobs lost in the North East as a result of the Government's plans.
'Even after the 'pause and listening' exercise the amendments to the proposed Health White Paper do not remove the core: to increase privatisation into healthcare - and to hand £80billion to GPs to commission care, something the majority don't want to do. The public support and satisfaction for the NHS is at the highest it has been for decades. This is why the Northern Public Service Alliance is continuing to campaign against this Government's plans for public services, and the NHS.'

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