Monday, 18 July 2011


In August ’84, Keith Pattison was commissioned by Sunderland's Artists' Agency to photograph the strike in Easington Colliery for one month. He stayed there on and off for eight, till the strike ended in March ’85, working behind the lines to record events from the miners’ point of view.

These photographs concentrate not on the much publicised violence of the strike, but on how the village responded to the overwhelming opposition of the state. He found a community which rallied together - women and children figure strongly in these images - and he shows it against the landscape which shaped it, street corners, back lanes, coal strewn beaches, crowded meeting rooms, dwarfed by the colliery.

Now, in 2011 we face just as big an attack on our communities, our families, and our services. We believe that the lessons learnt in the miners’ strike are just as relevant today. It is vital for all of us, women, men, young and old, whether we work in the public sector or private, or are unemployed to work together for a decent society.

Join us at the Black Swan – Newcastle Arts Centre – on Thursday the 28th of July when award winning photographer Keith Pattison will present a short performance based on his work and a powerful slide show while Harry Hamer reads from GB84 by David Peace. Afterwards there will be a discussion panel featuring local trade union and community activists. We will round the night off with music from a local band.

Please use this link to advertise the event and to invite friends and familiy to this event.

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