Sunday, 3 March 2013

Performance Related Pay would be a step backwards

Following the earlier posting on the Northumberland Labour Leaders blog, I'm concerned of the arrogant disregard for the workforce from the Tories following the statement where it alleges they would introduce performance related pay (PRP) for Northumberland County Council staff.

A new system would give managers and head teachers more power to decide on individual salaries, with I'm surmising  proposals recommending that pay progression be linked to an annual performance appraisal but maybe it could be the colour of your eyes or whether your the bosses best mate!

PRP is fundamentally inappropriate for a Local Government pay structure, where outcomes are based on teamwork and the cumulative contribution of a number of staff, it also makes the council vulnerable to equal pay claims.

The NJC pay structure provides a coherent framework for career progression and is equality proofed, if such a PRP scheme were to be implemented, the council would expose themselves to Equal Value claims.
My concern is at the core of this the Tories aim to reduce pay rates at the expense of the staff.

My view is this would be a backward step for equality and a very costly mistake which could cost the council millions.

I believe if you are a public sector worker, voting for the Tories would be a costly mistake and they'd end up tying the council into paying legal bills instead of fixing the roads and protecting services.

Remember your vote counts in the forthcoming Northumberland County Council Elections on 2nd May 2013, Vote Labour.


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