Sunday, 1 July 2012

UNISON members commence industrial action at Northumbria Healthcare Trust

UNISON members commenced industrial action last thursday, with a rally at Hexham General Hospital in a dispute over car mileage which sees the reimbursement rate drop from 47p to 24p per mile for vital community based staffs that use their own cars, resulting in financial hardship for many.

As a governor of the Foundation Trust, we have little say on the decisions which effect those staff concerned although I do empathise with their position as the Northumberland County Branch of UNISON to which I'm Joint Branch Secretary are going through a similar sort of consultation.

I find it difficult that the trust are in affect having a pay cut to many of these users as they use their own vehicles for the benefit of the trust, covering one of the largest geographical areas across Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

George Barron, UNISON Branch Secretary said, “It is unfortunate we had to ballot our members but we do believe it was the right thing to do and we will not stand for attacks on our National terms and conditions.”

I will try to do everything within the little power trust governors have to retain the current arrangements and I send a message of solidarity to all concerned.

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