Thursday, 5 November 2015

Support Jus-Rol Workers

As you will be aware on the news the ‘General Mills’ has announced plans to close its Jul-Rol site in Berwick with the loss of over 265 jobs, due to the review of its manufacturing and distribution network, with the goal of streamlining operations and identifying potential capacity reductions.  General Mills is one the world's larger food companies, with offices or manufacturing facilities in more than 30 countries, with its base in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA).  In fiscal 2015, its global net sales were $17.6 billion!  Part of its portfolio are:  Häagen Dazs, Old El Paso; Green Giant; Betty Crocker; Pillsbury; Cheerios; Nature Valley.  The Chief Executive is:Kendall J Powell – Email:  

The Employer has a 50 year history with Berwick and is the town’s largest employer, and supporter of the town’s culture and charities.  Jus-Rol is the No. 1 Brand in the frozen and chilled pastry categories, and Jus-Rol leads both the chilled and frozen pastry sectors. Delia Smith has given the seal of approval to Jus-Rol. The brand is included in her book “Delia’s How to Cheat at Cooking.”
Workers at the factory are rightly worried about their future.   The potential loss of 265 jobs would be a devastating blow to Berwick and the surrounding areas.  Northumberland County Council is setting up a taskforce to help the workers.
Please sign and share the following petition in support of Jus-Rol Workers  -  Yours support is greatly appreciated.

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