Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Scott promotes a positive Labour Party in Berwick

I took some time out of my schedule to support Scott Dickinson, Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Berwick upon-Tweed as he attended a hustings organised by the BBC in Berwick (Main Street) Marygate today.

The event centred around random people off the street (although I think there was a couple of people planted by both the Tories and Lib.Dems...) asking questions of all parties but one of the candidates up for election.

Yes, sadly the Green candidate was missing - Rachael Roberts who didn't even get a mention.

The debate was good and produced some great discussions, our man Scott Dickinson held his own defending the Labour Party over criticism directed at our party and the plans for the Kwik Save site and the councils relationship with Arch. Scott told voters of the positive policies the Labour Party are promoting in their manifesto and how he'll take the matters of North Northumberland to Westminster.

I hope this is captured on TV as it will give people the confidence that Scott and the Labour Party are the right party for North Northumberland.

Well done Scott.

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