Saturday, 12 July 2014

Government cuts leaving Part Time workers exploited

My union UNISON have highlighted the exploitation of part-time workers after survey of 2,600 respondents in local government and schools indicated that the exploitation comes as a result of the government cuts leaving many workers feeling overworked.

Our analysis shows that specifically part-time workers in councils and schools are being undervalued and overworked, the survey also highlighted that 91% of these workers are women.

The survey revealed that many part-time workers, work unpaid overtime with 60% saying they do it every week.

I believe part-time workers are a vital part of the workplace and without them local government departments and schools wouldn't function properly.

Yet these workers are facing an all-out assault on their pay, conditions and hours of work.

On strike day 10 July 2014, we seen our own branch activist Sharon Graham take action.

Sharon works part time in three jobs as well as being a shop steward at a local school and believes taking action was absolutely necessary not only for her but thousands of others in similar positions.

Source: Labour Research

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